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The PlantBase Landscape Code

Written by: Joel Williams Date: 02-23-2023 Updated: 06-27-2023

Click on the icon below to view or download the PlantBase Landscape Code. Landscaping projects can vary between locations because of different styles or needs, but the purpose of this document is to codify the landscape design standards that are best for every location. If you are interested in the reasons for each rule, read on.


I. General Rules

Never use herbicides unless they decompose and become non-harmful.

Imagine an herbicide treated spot. If the herbicide does not decompose, the plants that can still grow in the spot exhibit symptoms of disease. If future generations want to use the land for wildlife or gardening, they will have to throw the dirt in a landfill.

Even if the effects of an herbicide wane over time, that does not guarantee that it is actually decomposing. The herbicide could be incorporating into a larger area of soil, thus dispersing the effect.

Never use herbicides if they will come in contact with any pond or running water (including rain).

Why harm water creatures needlessly or harm locations downstream?

Do not flippantly cull edible fruit trees.

Read Deuteronomy 20:19. These great trees provide food to both people and animals.

II. Roadsides

If the guidelines in this section are followed, drivers will be able to see dangers more clearly—especially around corners.

Branches from nearby plants may grow over roadsides providing they are 15 feet above the road level.

 A. With Curb

 Within 10 feet of roadside do not allow plants to grow 3 feet above road level.

 B. Without Curb

 Within 10 feet of roadside have groundcover or plants below 3 feet tall on the condition that they are easily driven over.

III. Power Lines

Power Line Zone refers to the area around a power line that is to be plantless.

The Power Line Zone is 10 feet on either side of the power line. It ends 4 feet below the line.

Plants that touch power lines are a safety hazard. The Power Line Zone is a good safety margin.

Near or underneath power lines, maintain a utility vehicle accessible trail at least 10 feet wide. The trail may have any plant that is easily trampled by truck tires.

Linemen can access the power lines from the wide trail by using a bucket lift.

If power poles are not adjacent to the trail, maintain human accessible trails leading to them.

This is also for easy access mantainance.

Thanks for reading about the PlantBase Landscape Code. How can you incorporate it into your own landscape?

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